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Our kitchens could work so much harder for us. Not only should a kitchen be beautiful and a joy to spend time in, it should also be practical, supporting and enhancing your lifestyle and the way you live at home. Today the kitchen is so much more than just a space to prepare food. Often multifunctional, your kitchen needs to work for cooking, dining, socialising and much much more. At Inspired Bathrooms & Kitchens, our team of talented designers can help you make the most of your space, designing a kitchen that’s not just beautiful, but that’s a joy to spend time in and enhances your life at home.

Innovative Appliances

We can make your kitchen the beating heart of the home. With a range of luxury brands to choose from, our designers can make your dream kitchen a reality. We work with you to design and install your perfect kitchen, focusing on your unique sense of style, needs and desires.

Supporting Your Lifestyle

Whether it’s modern or traditional design you’re after, we can create a kitchen that’s fully kitted out with all the mod-cons that you need, in a tasteful and stylish way. A well designed and expertly installed kitchen can completely change the way you live at home, making cooking, eating and socialising easy. With access to the latest technologies and quality brands, we can create a kitchen that works really hard for you.

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Arrow Wirral
Arrow Wirral
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We now offer Omega Plc kitchens!

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