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Bring Your Dream Bathroom to Life in Cheshire

Your bathroom should offer more than just a place for personal hygiene. Often thought of as a practical space, a well-designed and beautiful bathroom can drastically improve the way you live at home, enhancing your daily well-being. As specialists in designing and installing luxury bathrooms and wetrooms in Chester, we can create a space that surpasses your expectations. Start your journey by visiting our stunning Chester bathroom showroom.


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Luxury Kitchens Made Real

Many of us dream of having a luxurious kitchen that is tailored to our home and needs. A functional kitchen can completely change how you live, making cooking, dining, and entertaining at home a pleasure. We can turn this dream into a reality by designing and installing a beautiful kitchen in Chester using only the finest luxury kitchen brands. Come and pay our luxury Chester kitchen showroom a visit today.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom Chester

If you're looking for a kitchen and bathroom showroom in Chester, come and pay us a visit at 125 Long Ln, Upton, Chester. Our Chester bathroom and kitchen showroom has a wide range of luxury brands and appliances on display to inspire your new bathroom or kitchen. Our expert staff are always on hand to show you around and answer any of your questions.

A Wetroom bathroom is a fully waterproofed (known as tanked) shower room. They’re sometimes called a walk-in shower as nowadays most people give the name to a level, flush to the surrounding floor showering area, with a full-height glass panel shower screen. Usually, a wet room design will have a single wall blocking the shower area from the rest of the room and a slope in the floor to help water flow to the drain.

Popular in mainland Europe for some time, they’re now gaining popularity in the UK too and we’ve noticed more and more customers asking for wet rooms designs in Chester and on the Wirral. Whilst wetrooms were once associated with care homes and hospitals, the idea has now evolved into a chic showering environment that is desirable and fashionable in a modern home. They’re often found in hotels thanks to their clean, sleek finish and association with luxury. Because of modern advancements in waterproofing materials and shower trays, a modern wet room shower is also now a great option for the everyday home.What is the difference between a wetroom and a bathroom?A Wetroom is a bathroom which is fully tanked (waterproofed) and designed to have a shower open to the rest of the room, with the shower floor flush to the rest of the room.What is the point of a Wetroom?The point of a Wet room bathroom is to have a truly walk-in shower, without a threshold or the need for a shower enclosure. This is especially useful for elderly people or anyone with a disability as they are very easy to get in and out of. ‘Mobility wetrooms’ and ‘assisted showering wet rooms’ are an increasingly growing market.But this isn’t the only advantage of a Wetroom. So why should you install a Wetroom? What are the advantages of a Wet room?Wetrooms can add value to your homeElegant and modern wet room designs make them very desirable for homebuyers and are known to add value to your property. They’re especially desired as a second bathroom design option.“Adding a new bathroom to your home will add an extra 2.88% to the value of it, a wetroom is likely to add even more.” suggests Phil Spencer, best known for Location, Location, Location.A great bathroom design for long-term investment.