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Summer Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is not just a place where meals are prepared; it's the heart of the home where families and friends gather and memories are made. As the warmer months (hopefully!) approach, it’s the perfect time to refresh and revitalise your space with these summer kitchen trends and kitchen unit colours. This year, it's all about bringing the vibrancy and freshness of the season into your kitchen.

Whether you're planning a complete kitchen overhaul or just a simple refresh, incorporating the latest summer kitchen trends can transform your space into a bright, airy, and inviting area. In this blog we explore the best kitchen trends for summer, from kitchen unit colours to design ideas that will make your kitchen the perfect summertime spot.

Summer kitchen trends

Summer kitchen trends

Summer inspires us to embrace light, colour, and a sense of ease in our living spaces. The kitchen, being a central hub, is the perfect place to start.

Embracing Natural Light

During summer, there’s nothing quite like natural light to make a space feel bigger and brighter. Large windows, skylights, and even glass doors can flood your kitchen with sunlight, creating a cheerful atmosphere. If a renovation is on the cards, consider how you can bring more of the outdoors inside.

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Bold Kitchen Unit Colours

While white kitchens have been a long-standing favourite for their clean and classic look, this summer is all about bold colours. Vibrant hues like deep blues, sunny yellows, and lush greens are making their way onto kitchen unit doors and drawers. These colours not only add personality but also create focal points that can truly define your space.

Open Shelving and Glass-Front Cabinets

Another summer kitchen trends is open shelving and glass-front cabinets. They offer a light and breezy feel while allowing you to showcase your favourite dishes, glassware, or summery decor items. It’s also a perfect way to encourage you to keep things organised and clutter-free.

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Kitchen Unit Colours That Speak Summer

The colours you choose for your kitchen can significantly influence the room's overall feel. This summer, the palette is all about freshness and vibrancy.

Earth Tones and Nature-Inspired Hues

Earth tones like terracotta, sandy beiges, and soft browns bring warmth and a natural touch to your kitchen. Pair these with nature-inspired hues like leafy greens or ocean blues for a balanced and harmonious look.

Pastels and Neutral kitchen unit colours

For a softer approach, pastel shades and neutral tones offer a calm and relaxing vibe. Think pale pinks, baby blues, and light lavenders complemented with creamy whites and light greys. These colours work well with natural wood accents and white kitchen units for a fresh, summer-ready look.

Accent Colours

If you don’t want to change your entire kitchen unit colour, another good option is to add a splash of colour through accessories or a small feature. Don't underestimate the power of accent colours. A pop of bright orange, red, or even a splash of teal can energise your space and add an element of fun. Use these sparingly, perhaps on a feature wall or through accessories and textiles, to inject life into your kitchen without overwhelming the senses.

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Refreshing your kitchen beyond kitchen unit colours

If a full renovation and changing your kitchen unit colours isn't on the agenda, there are still plenty of ways to refresh your kitchen and incorporate summer kitchen trends.

Update Hardware and Fixtures

Something as simple as changing cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and faucets can make a noticeable difference. Opt for lighter metals like brushed nickel or polished chrome for a summer feel.

Add Plants and Greenery

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating potted herbs, hanging plants, or a small indoor garden. Not only do they purify the air, but they also add life and colour to your kitchen.

New Linens and Textiles

Swap out heavy, dark linens for lighter, brighter options. Fresh tea towels, a new tablecloth, or even seat cushions can add a quick and easy summer touch.

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Design Ideas for a Summer Kitchen

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Creating a seamless transition between your indoor kitchen and outdoor dining area is essential for summer living. Large sliding or bi-fold doors can open up the space, making it ideal for entertaining and enjoying balmy evenings.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability continues to be a key summer kitchen trend like the last few previous years. Reclaimed wood, bamboo, and recycled materials are not only eco-friendly options but also add texture and character to your kitchen. Consider these materials for countertops, cabinets, or even flooring.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is evolving from a simple prep area to a multipurpose space. With built-in appliances, storage solutions, and even dining areas, islands are becoming the centrepiece of the kitchen. For summer, consider an island with bar seating for casual meals and socialising.

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Technology for a Smart Summer Kitchen

Technology has made its way into the kitchen, making life easier and more efficient. Another big summer kitchen trend is smart appliances that can be controlled via smartphones or voice commands - perfect for when you're busy entertaining guests or keeping an eye on the kids.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Summer is a great time to think about energy efficiency, especially with appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers working overtime. Look for Energy Star-rated appliances that will help keep your bills down and your carbon footprint in check.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems allow you to control the mood and ambiance of your kitchen at the touch of a button. With dimmable LED lights, you can go from bright and functional during meal prep to soft and atmospheric for evening gatherings.

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Summer Kitchen Trends Takeaways

Your kitchen is a reflection of your home's personality, and with summer on the horizon, it's the perfect time to infuse it with light, colour, and life. Whether you're embracing bold kitchen unit colours, updating your colour palette, or integrating smart technology, these summer kitchen trends will ensure your space is ready for the season of sunshine and socialising.

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