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Modern luxury needs sustainable thinking and action.

This month we want to put the spotlight on Kaldewei’s new limited-edition nature protect collection: designed and produced responsibly for our earth, without compromising on quality and luxury. After all, luxury and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive, but rather, complement each other.

Kaldewei sustainable bathroom design with bathroom cabinets, washbasin, bath tub and shower

Kaldewei Miena sustainable bathroom washbasin

This premium new collection is made of climate-friendly steel herald and sets a new standard in sustainable bathroom planning. The steel enamel it uses consists of steel and glass, made from minerals, iron ore and sand.

The material is plastic-free, long-lasting and extremely durable – so much so that it comes with a 30 year guarantee. What’s more, it’s 100% recyclable at the end of its long life cycle.

It is also considerably more environmental friendly in its production, using 100% less CO2 compared to ordinary products. If the emissions from the upstream chain such as extraction and transport of the raw materials are taken into account, the end product has a 70% lower CO2 footprint according to the internationally recognised Green House Gas Protocol (GHG).

The stars of the collection are the Miena washbasin, the Puro and Puro Duo bathtubs and the new Superplan Zero shower surface.

Each of the products are designed by experts including Anke Salomon and Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger. The slender shapes are inspired by nature and make for timeless and long-lasting companions for life.

Kaldewei sustainable bathroom Puro Duo bath tub

With this nature protect edition, you can choose the highest quality bathroom products with a significantly lower CO2 footprint. Good for your bathroom and good for the environment.

Contact us or visit one of our showrooms in Chester, Heswall or Prenton to discuss sustainable solutions for your new bathroom today.

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