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Is a Wetroom worth it? Surprising Pros and Cons of a Wetroom bathroom (2024)

Is a Wetroom worth it? Surprising Pros and Cons of a Wetroom bathroom

If you’re considering renovating an existing bathroom or building a new bathroom, and would like to add additional value to your home, it’s definitely worth considering a wet room design.

Wet room bathroom design in London

What exactly is a wetroom?

A Wetroom bathroom is a fully waterproofed (known as tanked) shower room. They’re sometimes called a walk-in shower as nowadays most people give the name to a level, flush to the surrounding floor showering area, with a full-height glass panel shower screen. Usually, a wet room design will have a single wall blocking the shower area from the rest of the room and a slope in the floor to help water flow to the drain.

Popular in mainland Europe for some time, they’re now gaining popularity in the UK too and we’ve noticed more and more customers asking for wet rooms designs in Chester and on the Wirral.

Whilst wetrooms were once associated with care homes and hospitals, the idea has now evolved into a chic showering environment that is desirable and fashionable in a modern home. They’re often found in hotels thanks to their clean, sleek finish and association with luxury. Because of modern advancements in waterproofing materials and shower trays, a modern wet room shower is also now a great option for the everyday home.

What is the difference between a wetroom and a bathroom?

A Wetroom is a bathroom which is fully tanked (waterproofed) and designed to have a shower open to the rest of the room, with the shower floor flush to the rest of the room.

What is the point of a Wetroom?

The point of a Wet room bathroom is to have a truly walk-in shower, without a threshold or the need for a shower enclosure. This is especially useful for elderly people or anyone with a disability as they are very easy to get in and out of. ‘Mobility wetrooms’ and ‘assisted showering wet rooms’ are an increasingly growing market.

But this isn’t the only advantage of a Wetroom.

So why should you install a Wetroom? What are the advantages of a Wet room?

Wetrooms can add value to your home

Elegant and modern wet room designs make them very desirable for homebuyers and are known to add value to your property. They’re especially desired as a second bathroom design option.

“Adding a new bathroom to your home will add an extra 2.88% to the value of it, a wetroom is likely to add even more.” suggests Phil Spencer, best known for Location, Location, Location.

A great bathroom design for long-term investment.

Wet room with bathtub and shower and sink

Wet rooms give you more flexibility and design options

Wetrooms come in all shapes and sizes – rectangle, L-shaped, T-shape and irregular so there is something for every home, whatever space you have. We will work with you on your perfect wet room design to maximise space and ensure it fits the requirements of you and your family.

Disabled wetroom for mobility we troom shower

Wet rooms provide greater accessibility for disability and elderly people

Without the need to step into the bath or shower, a wetroom allows effortless movement walking in and out of the showering area. They’re especially useful therefore for elderly people or those with disabilities. The open-plan showering design is also well suited to install shower seats and hand rails for extra support.

Wet rooms provide that wow factor and increase the appeal and look of your property

There’s a reason that wet rooms designs are a popular choice for some of the best resorts and hotel bathrooms in the world – they’re effortlessly luxurious and chic. Installing one in your own home is a great way to experience a little bit of that luxury every day and wake up and end your day on the right note.  Generally minimalist, they’re a very flexible bathroom design option, meaning it’s easy to add your own personality and tastes to the décor.

Wetrooms are easier to clean and maintain

A Wetroom generally has very minimal lines, little glass, trays and cubicles to clean, making them very quick and easy to maintain. It’s usually as easy as mopping/wiping the bathroom tiles with a cleaning detergent, giving you more time to enjoy your luxury bathroom.

Wet rooms offer greater space-saving especially in smaller properties

No cubicle is required with a wet room shower, meaning you can install a shower in even the smallest, tightest spaces. While traditional shower enclosures require space for a door to open out into the room, this requirement is eliminated with a wet room shower. Even with a very small space, this gives you the flexibility to fit in all the features you need in your bathroom design.

A correctly installed wet room is extremely resistant to moisture damage and leaks

A common concern with a wetroom is that everything might get very wet. However, when designed and installed correctly, this is very unlikely. A smart and well-designed space will ensure that towels, toilet paper and other soft furnishings will remain out of the reach of the shower. There are a lot of clever ways to ensure the room is well segmented and reduces this risk.

Some common concerns about wetrooms

Excess moisture, sealing and waterproofing, and drainage are some of the top concerns in a wet room. However, correct design and installation can solve all of these challenges.

Wet room shower

How do I keep my Wetroom dry?

Don’t worry – correct ventilation and extractor fans will stop a Wetroom bathroom becoming too damp and steamy.  Wetrooms are designed to be completely waterproof. When a Wetroom is ‘tanked’, all of the walls and floor are treated with a special tanking system and then tiled. The end result is a completely waterproof box ensuring any moisture can’t escape into the rest of the house.

Are Wetroom floors slippery?

There is no need to worry about slippery floors with our wetrooms – they are all installed with special anti-slip flooring that helps make it safer to walk around in a wetroom. Installing a heated flooring system is also a great option to help extra water evaporate more quickly from the floor surface. This can make a wetroom floor, as safe, if not safer than a conventional bathroom floor.

Can you have a toilet in a wetroom?

Yes of course. It’s possible to have a wet room with toilets, sink and bathtub, as well as the shower.

Is it hard to clean a wetroom?

It is very easy to clean a Wetroom bathroom – thanks to fewer fittings, fixtures plus a seamless finish, wetrooms are often easier and quicker to clean and maintain than the average bathroom. It’s as easy as mopping/wiping the bathroom tiles with a cleaning detergent.

Are there limitations on building materials in a wetroom?

Since a wet room needs to be waterproof, there are some limitations on the materials and home decor that can be used – but don’t worry, by working with a wide range of suppliers and clever designed, we still have plenty of options for your room. Not only can you tile the surfaces in a straightforward simple pattern, but mosaics, patterns, and inlays of other bathroom tiles or materials can be used, as well as other interesting surface options like sealed concrete, stone, and metal.

Can I have a bathtub in a wetroom?

While a lot of people associate a typical wetroom with only a shower, more and more home owners are opting to install a wet room with bathtub and shower.  In a wetroom, they’re often separate so you have the best of both worlds. A freestanding bath tub is an especially luxurious option that can add further value to your home.

Wetroom bathroom with bathtub and shower

Do wetrooms always leak?

People sometimes worry about water draining issues with a Wetroom bathroom. But when installed correctly by processionals, this is rarely a problem. Simply make sure you remove any build-up of hair or products from the plug like a regular shower and there won’t be any risk of flooding.

Is a wetroom shower more expensive?

As the entire room needs tiling with a Wetroom, rather than just the shower area with a traditional bathroom, it is true that more tiling is required to finish the room. This is important to protect the structure and surrounding rooms from water damage and to help to fend off any chances of mold.  

Bathroom tiles come in a variety of materials and don’t have to cost the earth. Porcelain, ceramic, mosaic and marble can all create stunning bathrooms and are much more durable than painted walls in the long run, which will reduce maintenance costs overall.

Do wetrooms need to be tiled?

Wetrooms need to be tanked (waterproofed) and then covered but tiling isn’t the only option. We can also create some stunning designs and finishes with microcement and vinyl.  

Wet room bathroom design with bathroom accessories

How small can a Wetroom be?

A small wet room is completely possible! As no cubicle is required with a Wetroom bathroom, it means you can install a shower in even the smallest, tightest spaces. The smallest sized floor formers measure just 800 x 800mm meaning you can fit a small wet room into a very small space with clever design. To fit a toilet and washbasin comfortably too, it’s recommended to have a minimum of around 1 x 1.5m of space. With a huge range of wet room tray sizes, wet room dimensions can be very flexible.

Can I get a grant to have a wetroom?

If you are disabled, you are eligible to apply for funding to fit a wetroom in your home. This is part of government support towards the costs of making changes to your home so you can continue to live there, such as a disabled wetroom. A wet room design is one of the easiest ways to make a bathroom accessible and easy to use.

How long do Wetrooms last?

A well-designed, correctly-installed and well-maintained Wetroom should last up to 50 years! Making it a great and very durable long-term investment for your home.

Wet room shower with marble and gold details

The best wetroom brands

We considering ourselves experts in bathrooms and wetrooms. We have spent over 15 years researching the very best bathroom brands and wetroom brands so we can be sure to use only the very best quality and world leading brands in your new installation.

Here’s some of the factors we consider when choosing the brands and products we work with:

- The durability of the products – can we be sure they will wear well during every day use and look and work perfectly for years to come?

- Innovation – are the brands creating and working with the very best new technologies in the industry?

- The quality of the products – can we be sure the products are made from only the very best materials and will deliver on their promise?

- The style – do they offer both modern and traditional style products? Are they on-trend but also timeless?

- The level of customisation available – do they offer different sizes, colours, finishes?

Based on all these factors above, we have built a long-term partnership with leading brands such as Merlyn Showering, Keuco, Laufen, Hansgrohe, Impey Aqua Dec and AXOR.

Factors we consider when designing your wetroom

When working with you to design your dream wet room bathroom design, it’s important for us to consider your unique lifestyle, needs and requirements to ensure you end up with a space that is unique and perfect for you and your family.

Here’s some of the factors we’ll take into consideration:

- Who will be using the wetroom? Children / Adults / Elderly / Disabled

- How many users per day? If the wet room will be used by the whole family we will need to consider the type of tray/drain flow rate.

- How often will it be used? Is the wet room intended to be used every day or as occasional usage within a guest room

- Is the wet room being installed on the ground or upper floors?

- What is your personal style and preferences? What is the style of your current home and what would you like to achieve with this new room? Do you want a modern wet room or a more traditional wet room?

Wetroom shower design by Keuco with shower light

Perfect finishing touches

A wetroom in itself is great to add value and luxury to your home but why not finish the room in true style with a range of other bathroom accessories. There are a host of amazing bathroom innovations that can make your wetroom an everyday celebration.  Talk to us about installing some of these stunning bathroom accessories:

- Smart (and of course, waterproof) TV screen and audio system to make your shower sing.

- Showerheaven by AXOR - offering Rain spray, focused Mono spray and all-immersive PowderRain spray types for a shower that cocoons the body in millions of micro-fine drops.

- Showerlight by Keuco- adjust your shower to your mood and let your bathroom shine

- Designer heated towel rails so you can look forward to your shower, and getting out.

- Mirrored bathroom cabinet for seamless, discreet storage and to create the illusion of a bigger room.

If you’re looking for a Wet room specialist near you, on the Wirral, in Chester or Cheshire, call us today to speak to our expert bathroom and Wetroom team. Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, bathroom renovation or new bathroom installation, we can help you design your room and supply and install the best quality bathroom products in one easy process.

Call us today on 0151 342 1000 or visit our luxury bathroom showrooms in Heswall, Prenton or Chester to start your journey.

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