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Designing a Kitchen Around Awkward Objects

Designing a kitchen around awkward objects might seem like a challenge, but it can also be a great opportunity to get creative and come up with a truly unique and exciting space. Whether you're dealing with a large support beam, a corner sink or an oddly-shaped island, there are ways to make the most of these difficult objects and create a kitchen that you'll love.

What do we mean by awkward objects?

First, let's define what we mean by "awkward objects" in a kitchen. These are objects that are either out of the ordinary or are in a difficult location that makes them challenging to work around. Awkward objects in a kitchen might include a support beam, a window that's placed too high or too low, a corner sink or an oddly-shaped island to name a few - of course there's many more.

Designing a kitchen around awkward objects

One of the key things we keep in mind when designing a kitchen around awkward objects is to embrace the object, rather than trying to hide it or work around it. This means finding ways to make the object a focal point of your kitchen, rather than an eyesore.

Highlight the object

One way to do this is to highlight the object with lighting. A great way to do this is by installing spotlights that shine directly on the object or using indirect lighting to create a soft, glowing effect around the object. This can draw the eye to the object and make it the centre of attention in your kitchen - a highlight, not a hindrance!

Make it functional

Another way to make an awkward object the star of your kitchen is to use it as a functional element. You could use a large support beam as a shelf for spices, cooking oils and other small items that you use frequently in the kitchen for example. Or, if you have a corner sink, you could use it as a space to grow herbs or other plants. By using the object in this way, you'll not only make it functional, but you'll also make it an attractive and integral part of your kitchen.

If you're dealing with an oddly-shaped island, why not use it to your advantage by creating a unique seating area. Rather than trying to fit a standard rectangular or circular table into the space, use the shape of the island to create a bespoke seating area that's visually interesting as well as useful. This could mean creating a curved bench that follows the contours of the island or using a series of stools or chairs to create a more informal seating area.

top tips for Designing a kitchen around awkward objects

Consider the layout and flow around the object

Even when you're designing a kitchen around awkward objects and not hiding the object, you still need to ensure that the space is functional and easy to use. It's important to create a clear traffic flow through the kitchen and ensure that there is enough counter space and storage for all of your cooking and dining needs. If you're dealing with a corner sink, for example, you'll need to make sure that there is enough counter space on either side of the sink for food prep and cleaning.

Consider a bespoke kitchen that embraces the object

One easy way to make sure your kitchen is functional is to use bespoke cabinetry and storage solutions. This will allow you to make the most of the space you have, and create a kitchen that's tailored to your specific needs and the awkward objects you're working with. It's easy to create a pull-out pantry next to an awkward support beam or to create a series of shallow drawers beneath a window that's placed too low. The options are endless with a bespoke kitchen and that's why it's so exciting.

how to design a kitchen around awkward objects

Designing a kitchen around awkward objects - final thoughts

It's true that designing a kitchen around awkward objects can be more of a challenge. But embrace your awkward objects and it can become an opportunity to get creative and create an amazing, unique space. By making the most of the awkward objects and using them as a focal points and functional elements, you can create a kitchen that's not only beautiful, but also practical and user-friendly.

Our team of expert designers are here to help you navigate your way around any awkward objects and find a bespoke kitchen layout that is both functional and stunning.

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