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Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Layout

How to Chose Your Perfect Kitchen Layout

When planning your perfect kitchen, it’s important that it not only looks great, but works functionally and practically for your household and lifestyle.

The perfect kitchen layout should take your cooking and living habits into account, as well as how much kitchen storage space you need, to help you get the most out of the space.

The Kitchen Work Triangle

The ideal kitchen layout has the areas for cooking, washing up and storage are planned in a triangle shape with arm’s length distance between the areas. This ‘kitchen work triangle’ helps to make sure nobody gets in each other’s way when multiple people are using the kitchen at the same time.

Best kitchen layout with kitchen work triangle example of oven

While your kitchen floor plan and space play a big part in determining your kitchen shape, we often help our clients to change their kitchen layouts and optimise space.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen layout ideas, as well as their pros and cons, to help you chose your new kitchen.

The One Wall Kitchen

Otherwise known as a kitchenette, a one wall kitchen is built along a single wall and is ideal for single or small households. This small kitchen layouts save space and construction costs and are perfect for apartments and flats.

They contain all kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen countertops on one wall which makes it easy for the person cooking to perform all tasks in a single space which is very convenient.

They’re inexpensive and compact but of course have limited space and might make it hard to install many kitchen appliances. To get the maximum of precious storage space, tall and wall kitchen cabinets should also be included.

The one wall kitchen layout for small kitchens by Nolte kitchens

The Double-Linear Kitchen

If you have at least 8 square metres available, you can think about adding an additional row of units and installing a double-linear kitchen, otherwise known as a galley kitchen.

Usually the cabinets will be opposite each other, creating a walkway or galley between them. This design is uncomplicated, minimalist and cost-efficient. With an additional row of cabinetry, the galley kitchen already offers more flexibility when it comes to storage space.

It’s important to plan the work areas along only one side of the kitchen though to avoid traffic through the work triangle and everyone bumping into each other.

Double linear kitchen layout design galley kitchen with grey matte cabinets by nolte kitchens

The L-Shaped Kitchen

A practical layout option for both small and medium kitchens, the L-shaped kitchen arranges the cabinets around a corner. It’s a perfect match for the work triangle being two sides to begin with. It’s also very effect and easy to integrate a dining area.

The L-shape kitchen can either have cabinets along two walls or you can opt or a freestanding wall that can also function as a room divider to break up open-plan spaces.

Open plan L-shaped kitchen layout design by Nolte kitchens with white cabinets and oven and ktichen sink

The U-Shape Kitchen

The U-Shaped kitchen layout is one of the most popular options for both small and large kitchen spaces and it’s clear why: it offers ample storage and work space with cabinets and worktops on three sides.

Generally it’s a design that looks homogeneous and self-contained, almost like a room within a room, but at the same time inviting and communicative.

It’s also very efficient as it offers a tight ‘work triangle’ meaning you can quickly and easily move between the sink, ovens, hob and refrigerator. It’s also suitable for two or more cooks at the same time making it suitable for a bigger family.

U-shaped kitchen layout design with handleless kitchen design and matte kitchen cabinets

The G-Shape Kitchen

The G-shape kitchen is an extension of the U-Shape kitchen. This layout makes the room area more spacious by opening up the wall to the nearby room and creates a pass-through.

It requires a lot of space and is perfect for family kitchens as well as for cooking together in large, preferably open spaces.

They also offer the opportunity to integrate a bench on one side of the G for guests to sit opposite while you’re cooking – making it a super sociable kitchen option.

G-shaped nolte open plan kitchen layout design with breakfast bar

The Island Kitchen

One of the most on-trend kitchen layouts and very popular in open plan homes: the island kitchen. Kitchen islands are eye-catching and as much of a design feature as a practical one.

They can be can be incorporated into other kitchen layouts and provide a central work surface or storage area in the middle of the kitchen.

This can be used for a hob, tap, storage or sociable breakfast bar- the options are endless. It’s also a great place to install statement light pieces to make your kitchen shine.

Island kitchen design with kitchen island in navy with breakfast bar

Need more help deciding which kitchen layout is best for your home?

Call us today or visit one of our showrooms in Heswall, Prenton or Chester to speak to one of our expert staff.

You can also book a home visit and survey so we can evaluate your space and give you bespoke advice on how to make the most of your new dream kitchen.

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