Not so long ago you took down the decorations, clogged up the vacuum cleaner with pine needles, filed away the Christmas cards, was too nervous to stand on the scales, and the thought of that dry January you promised yourself made you feel like a stiff drink.

But something else may have happened, too. You may have spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and you may have cooked for large numbers. While doing so you probably noticed things that have become faulty or look a little tired, and you also identified improvements that could be made. For example, as you got the Christmas dinner underway you found yourself wondering why, when you commissioned this kitchen, you didn’t order a double oven and a larger fridge, and why the preparation area is so far from the hob.

In short, you may have thought – it’s time for a change of kitchen that fashions a better, brighter, more modern and user friendly space which is not only practical, tailored to your needs and desires, but also a space where it’s pleasant to spend time either creating or relaxing.

Mike Lloyd, the MD of Inspired Bathrooms and Kitchens, explains: “At the start of a fresh year we receive a surprisingly large number of inquiries from potential clients just at a time when you’d think people might be glad to push their kitchens to the back of their minds.

“But because the kitchen is such an important space nowadays, as much the heart of a home as the lounge, there’s no doubt that all that Christmas cooking and entertaining does make people focus on changes and improvements they’d like to make, and naturally they want to enjoy a new kitchen for as much of the year as they can.

“It’s a new year, couples and families have been surrounded by new things in the shape of presents, and of course it’s a time of resolutions, ambitions and new beginnings. all of which adds up to plans for something different and a desire to take a look at what’s on offer.

“It’s a good time to do so because what’s wrong and what can be better are clear in your mind from recent practical experience, and it’s our job at Inspired to work closely with our clients so we really understand who they are and how that shapes precisely what they desire from a great kitchen.

“We take on board their ideas and offer our own – it’s a process of genuine collaboration which starts with a consultation and proceeds through the design phase which isn’t completed until we are sure clients are thoroughly happy with what they see in the form of photorealistic computer aided designs that look just like the real kitchen that will be installed.

“The products we use are not only beautifully designed but also fantastically durable. I like to think commissioning a kitchen from Inspired is the start of a long relationship between the company and clients who return to us over the years for additions and new trends.”