When Jane Wills from Heswall decided her old kitchen was worn out and in need of replacement she and her son-in-law, Steve Brewer, shopped around – a journey which took in Inspired Bathrooms & Kitchens and ended there.

Jane says: “I knew more or less what I wanted and, because I’m disabled, I needed my new kitchen to take that into account too. As before I wanted a washing machine and dishwasher, and I was also very keen on having a fridge freezer so I can store prepared meals and other things.” Steve made an outline drawing of a layout, which Inspired tweaked and brought to life with Computer Aided Design.

“It’s important for Jane that everything is in the right place,” he explains. “Where the ovens are in relationship to work surfaces, so she can put plates down nearby, that sort of thing. It was hard for her to get things in and out of her old oven, but the new one is at the right height, and it’s a Slide and Hide, which means the door doesn’t get in the way.”

“We also had the cupboards lowered,” adds Jane. “I have to be able to reach into them and if they were at a standard height I’d find that difficult.” “What’s more,” says Steve, “in the showroom we saw a bevelled work surface, one where the lip goes back in towards the units at an angle, and because of Jane’s arthritis she finds it hard to grasp handles and the like, but now she can easily place her fingers under the bevelled surface and pull open the doors from the top the way they are designed to open. So the bevelling on the work surfaces has worked brilliantly.”

“We were presented with the design in the showroom and I liked it from the off,” says Jane. “I really only changed one thing. I’d decided I wanted a white kitchen, but in the showroom I saw the cream and fell in love with it. I’d been thinking white because the old kitchen was brown and a bit dark, but the cream does the job and isn’t quite so clinical. And the kitchen feels bigger and much more bright, which is lovely.”

“An important reason why we opted for Inspired,” reveals Steve, “is that they do an end to end job. We didn’t have to subcontract the electrician, we didn’t have to get a decorator in, or someone to do the floor. Some water pipes needed burying and Inspired looked after that too. It all makes life easier and takes any worry away.” And the end result? “I’m delighted,” says Jane. “People have been queuing up to come and see it. They say they want to pay me a visit, but I really think it’s the kitchen they’re interested in!”