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Miele Generation 7000: Quality ahead of its time

From an oven that can cook without using heat to appliances that recognise and react to your movements, Miele’s new Generation 7000 products establish some of the most cutting-edge innovations that have ever been created.

Our favourites in the range include the Dialog Oven, the first of its kind in the culinary world. It introduces a whole new way to cook using M Chef Technology: electromagnetic waves measured in Gourmet Units to cook food with greater precision than ever before.

The cooking possibilities are endless: Fish can be cooked in ice, without the ice melting. Half a salmon fillet cooks, while the other half remains raw for perfect sashimi. This ground-breaking technology allows so many new possibilities to take your cooking to the next level.

The regular oven has also been given an upgrade too to make it possible to cook with a whole new level of precision and ease.

FoodView innovation is an integrated camera that takes a high-resolution picture every minute, allowing you to check how your food is progressing remotely from your mobile phone or via Amazon Show!

TasteControl technology rapidly cools the oven at the end of the cooking cycle, giving you the perfect dish, every time. Say goodbye to overcooking with more control and precision than ever.

Finally the Induction Hob. With responsive heat settings and intelligent Pan Recognition technology, this hob is more intuitive than ever and gives you the freedom to let your culinary creativity flow.

With full surface induction, you are free to move pans anywhere, for more flexibility than ever before. Intelligent pan recognition then means that wherever you move your pan on the cooking surface, the heat settings will follow.

Want to know more about these amazing new innovations and how to install them in your new kitchen?

Inspired Bathrooms and Kitchens are the trusted retailer for all Miele products on the Wirral and Cheshire. Come and see us in one of our showrooms in Heswall, Prenton or Chester and one of our talented designers will talk you through the Miele range.

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