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Mackintosh Kitchens are high-quality British kitchens for people that want functionality, but also a work of art. They are one of the ranges from Omega Plc, known for over 25 years for their robust and durable kitchens with a stunning array of styling options. Combining true British craftsmanship with contemporary design, the Mackintosh kitchen range offers exceptional British kitchens that are built to last. The Mackintosh range includes shaker kitchens, traditional kitchens, modern kitchens and handleless kitchens. With 13 different cabinet colours, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your home with a total of over 418 options!

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About Mackintosh Kitchens

The range is named after architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh who was always looking to the future of design, influenced at the time by the modernist ideas emerging from the industrial revolution.

His furniture and design focused on the quality of the space to evoke a calming, relaxed feeling to an interior. Mackintosh preferred the use of simple form and natural materials for his designs, building around the need of people as individuals who desired furniture that was not purely functional, but also a work of art.

Mackintosh kitchens are true to their namesake: designed with flair and meticulous attention to detail. The Mackintosh philosophy now lives on through this inspired collection of kitchens offering a combination of beauty, durability and functionality.

Where are Mackintosh kitchens made?

Mackintosh are all made to order and bespoke to you. They are manufactured in Omega Plc’s purpose-built complex in the heart of Yorkshire using a combination of traditional construction methods and the latest technologies to ensure a kitchen that is built to last.  They’ve been manufacturing kitchens for over 25 years so you can be sure your kitchen is in good hands.

Mackintosh kitchen supply in Chester, Heswall and Wirral - design in a huge selection of colours

Why chose a Mackintosh kitchen

Mackintosh kitchens come with a 20 year guarantee!

We guarantee that your Mackintosh kitchen cabinets will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a full 20 years.

They care about the environment

Mackintosh kitchens are built so that nothing goes to waste. When your kitchen is created, any waste that cannot be recycled, is incinerated to create energy. Trees that are used are also replanted. They are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning that trees which are harvested are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally.

They offer a great selection of cabinets and colours

Mackintosh kitchens offer 19 different door styles in 22 different painted colours which gives us 418 ways to mix and match to find your perfect kitchen.

Mackintosh kitchens are built to last

Mackintosh kitchens are built to be not only beautiful but durable too. Every Mackintosh kitchen is made using traditional glue and dowel techniques to ensure a truly rigid kitchen, with stronger, squarer cabinets, that are built to last. They only drill where needed, meaning absolutely no redundant drill holes or visible fixings for a flawless finish.

They then put every single cabinet through a state-of-the-art cabinet press machine resulting in a more robust kitchen unit.

They are Dame Prue Leith approved!

Great British Bake Off’s Dame Prue Leith is Mackintosh kitchen’s ambassador and biggest fan! She loves the Mackintosh Kitchen’s range of paint colours, allowing her to inject personality into her kitchen.

Dame Prue Leith in her Mackintosh kitchen

Mackintosh Kitchen colours

Mackintosh kitchens are available in 22 stunning, on-trend colours to allow you to express your own style. Chose from between statement shades, light, blues/greens, darks and neutrals.

Mackintosh kitchen cabinet colours on offer.

Mackintosh Kitchen showroom

We will be installing Mackintosh kitchen displays into our kitchen showrooms in Heswall, Chester and Prenton soon– come and visit us!

Mackintosh Kitchen stockist

We are a proud partner and stockist of Mackintosh kitchens in Chester, Heswall and Prenton on the Wirral. We can help you design, order and install your new Mackintosh kitchen.

Come and visit one of our kitchen showrooms in Chester, Heswall or Prenton today to start the journey. First up, we will discuss your vision, requirements, space, timelines and lifestyle to work with you to design your dream Mackintosh kitchen. We will then manage the project for you every step of the way from ordering the kitchen to installing it. We can also do any construction, painting and other design work that is needed to complete your home.

Ready to install a Mackintosh kitchen? Call us today on 0151 342 1000 or email


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